Heilig Mixing Technology has completed the production of a new mixer with a capacity of 28,000 litres (28m3). The machine has stainless steel 304 product contact parts with coated steel drive and swing arm.

Very short mixing time
The machine is completely new and equipped with a ‘heavy duty’ drive for a very short mixing time. The entire volume is homogenized in approximately 12 minutes.

The mixer has a height of 7.5 meter, a total weight of 13.800 kg and will be transported to our customer within the European Union.

Heilig Mixing Technology offerts machines for every mixing process
For every industrial mixing process, we design, develop, deliver, install, modify, maintain and repair a wide variety of mixers. Both stand-alone units and turnkey installations. The applications and range of mixers apply to batch mixing.

Heilig Mixing Technology is part of the Heilig Group. This extension offers our customers financial stability and broad access to the group-wide knowledge in industrial technology leading to further innovations.