Transport belt conveyor for maximum mixing results

The belt conveyor could be part of the total mixing process to convey materials. By implementing a belt system to your mixing installation, optimal transportation of materials to and from mixing machines can be achieved.

To transport the materials sensitive to damage, within the food, minerals, and chemical industries requires the finest high-quality conveyor systems. We manufacture both flat belt conveyors and trough-shaped designs for conveying bulk goods as well as finished mixed products.


We customize a belt conveyor according to your specifications such as required distance, location dimensions, material properties, and required capacities. This includes installations that feed, dis-charge, dose, accelerate or a combination of these. The advantages of our belt systems cover:

  • durable and high-quality materials
  • long-term maintenance free
  • continuous operation with optimal throughput

Including the Heilig Mixing Technology engineers in an early stage of your installation configuration, enables you to invest in a smart solution offering the best mixing system. Please contact us for more information.

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