Vertical ribbon mixer

For short batch cycle times

For the vertical ribbon mixer, Heilig Mixing Technology applies high grades of stainless steel and a specific limited height design. This mid shear mixer is commonly used in the food industry because of its easy cleanability. You may also come across the names vertical mixer, ribbon blade mixer or ribbon blender machine.

The top-driven mixing blade offers a three-dimensional mixing movement which guarantees a high accuracy over a short mixing time with both dry substances and pastes. As opposed to the conical mixer, the ribbon activates the full content rendering a more intensive mixing procedure. Mixing intensity starts at about 15 W per kg.

The ribbon screw allows for a short mixing time cause of the intensive mixing process. In most cases a few minutes is sufficient. Materials that can be mixed in this particular blender include:

  • powders
  • liquids
  • pastes
  • doughs

The conical bottom provides an excellent discharge of the mixed materials, and the extra large inspection hatch makes the vertical ribbon mixer easy to clean. We can also supply a cost-efficient ribbon mixer designed with a flat bottom.

We have a stainless steel test mixer with a capacity of 200 liters with a mixing accuracy to a ration of 1:100,000 (quality assurance certification by notified body) available for you to try. Please contact us to make an appointment.

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