Tumbling screens

A pragmatic solution for accurate grading, scalping or sizing

At Heilig Mixing Technology, we supply two very different types of grading machines. On the one hand, we offer sieves where the product to be sieved is conveyed through the machine using vibrator motors. We also supply we offer tumbler screens where the product to be sieved is conveyed through the machine in a circular motion. This increases the opportunities for the material to pass through the various screen decks. The purity is of such high quality; it could be compared with handwork. Besides these products we also offer rectangular vibrating screens, which we manufacture in cooperation with our parent company N.M. Heilig B.V.


This type enables the machines to be built in a configured installation. A grading machine, however, is a stand-alone unit.

Bulk consisting of extreme lightweight and fine particle materials, either dry or moist, can be graded and dewatered into extremely fine fractions. Depending on your specifications, we can supply machines with single or multiple decks and with multiple cleaning options. The screens range in various diameters and mesh sizes.

The advantages of a grading / tumbler screening machine include:

  • high throughput and high purities
  • up to 6 decks in one machine rendering 7 fractions
  • adjustable tumbling motion
  • low energy consumption
  • easy changing and cleaning of sieves (mesh replacement)
  • various optional cleaning systems


In cooperation with N.M. Heilig, we offer rectangular vibrating screens that can be modified to your specific needs. These robustly constructed machines can be included in a new or existing production installation. We offer various options, including:

  • single and multi-layered screens
  • a wide variety of screens and mesh-sizes
  • optional inclined design

For further information on either type of machines, we kindly request you to contact us. We gladly answer your questions. Also, for utilizing our testing facility, we welcome you to get in touch with us.

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