Silo mixer

Homogenizes free-flowing products

Heilig Mixing Technology can design a customized silo mixer according to requirements such as agglomerate sizes, bulk density, and volume. Silo mixers are manufactured to homogenize ‘free-flowing’ batches from 10,000 up to 150,000 liters for industries among others:

  • feed mixers (e.g. grain silo mixer)
  • food mixers
  • chemicals

This type of mixer is otherwise referred to as batch mixer, feed mixer, blending silo and mixing silo. The main features of our blending silo designs include:

  • conical vessel to avoid product residue after discharging
  • diameters up to 3 meters
  • conveying screw in a vertical downpipe
  • produces mixtures without segregation
  • low energy consumption
  • low maintenance

Aside from the mixing properties, silo mixers are also applied to prevent products from segregation during storage between different steps of a production process. Another application is to store hygroscopic materials. The silo mixer provides continuous motion restricting normally the materials to agglomerate.

Every industry demands specific standards and requirements. Besides the overhauling or installation in existing hoppers or silos, for further branch-related modifications we offer optional:

  • top and side feeding plates
  • choice to load from top and/or bottom
  • fluidization bottom to prevent bridging
  • designs suitable for drying, cooling and degassing

Above mentioned industries are only a few of the variety silo mixers we have engineered and manufactured. We invite you to contact us for more information about a customized design.

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