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Every industry requires a different industrial mixer or blender. However small the distinctions may be, the details of the design make them operable and profitable. At Heilig Mixing Technology, we have been supplying our clients in various industries for many years. We know the stringent demands some industries need to meet. Also, more than often, we found that the ideal mixing solution is a customized one.

We have the expertise to consider dimensions, mixing product properties, and branch requirements to create a design that provides the best throughput and highest purities. Whether you require a stand-alone unit or a complete configuration for your production process, please contact us with your mixing challenge at an early stage.

Aside from the design and production, we offer our services in technical support, maintenance, and spare parts for both for mixers and full installations built by us or other existing mixing machines.

Please know that our knowledge about mixing techniques is far more extensive that we have room for on this website. We invite you to browse the following pages and contact us with any question you may have.

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What we can do for you


Mixers for various industrial applications and purposes are designed according to your requirements


Customized conveyor engineering enhances the mixing process and efficiency of material transportation

Screening machine

Screening machines applicable to many industries. Made to sieve, classify, dedust and filter a very wide range of products


Heilig Mixing Technology offers many components from stock or tailor-made in our production facility, e.g. for Nauta mixers