Aero mechanical conveyor

For (delicate) granulates

Aeromechanical systems are commonly used method to convey granulated materials. An aero mechanical conveyor consists of a tubular design through which the product is transported. Inside the tube runs a wire rope with evenly mounted discs. These discs travel with a linear speed creating an airstream. Once the granulate is fed into the system, the stream of air fluidizes and, subsequently, transports the materials towards the outlet.

These types of conveyors are ideal for conveying powders and granulates with various densities and particle sizes, for industries including:

  • Seed processing (grass seeds, beet seeds, etc)
  • Food (salt, sugar, rice, cacao, coffee, etc.)
  • Feed (grains, corn, etc.)
  • Chemicals (pigments, ceramic powders, polymers, etc.)
  • Plastics (PVC powders, etc.)

The advantages of a conveyor solution with aeromechanics are that they offer a high throughput with minimal damage to the materials and prevent particle separation. Depending on your requirements, we can design and manufacture a configuration that is vertical, horizontal, inclined or a combination of these. The lengths start at 3 meters and run up to 25 meters per unit. For food grade materials we also supply aero mechanical conveyors that can applied to the required process.

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