Conical mixer (v-mixer)

For high-quality mixing and blending

The conical mixer, or also referred to as V-mixer, conical screw mixer, Nauta mixer or Vrieco Nauta mixer, is recognized for its outstanding mixing quality and accuracy. The unit requires a small floor space only because of his conical shape. Other advantages comprise the total and fluid outflow, which leaves no residue in the machine, and the low shear, which enables fragile materials to be mixed.

For mixing, homogenizing, cooling or heating of materials such as powders, grains, and pastes the conical mixer applies to many industries, among which food, feed, chemicals, plastics, and pharmaceutical.

At Heilig Mixing Technology, we manufacture and supply three models:

  • Type PL: with a capacity of 100 up to 75,000 liters. This model is provided with a screw support at the bottom.
  • Type VD: with a capacity from 10 to 25,000 liters. This model has no bearing or support at the bottom of the cantilevered mixing screw. This offers benefits in cleaning the machine. This also provides the option to mount a bottom valve for a total outflow of mixed materials, leaving no residues.
  • Type VD2: with a capacity starting at 300 up to 35.000 liters, this cone blender is manufactured with 2 mixing screws for short blending processes and allows lower installation heights and the possibility to equip the machine with a large inspection door.

Available mixing screws for the V-mixer are:

  • The standard mixing screw with a full blade and constant diameter offering a rugged and reliable solution for a wide range of applications.
  • The conical mixing screw requires more driving power but shortens the total mixing time drastically. By combining the conical screw with a vessel at a larger angle, the overall height of the mixer can be reduced.
  • The ribbon, or sanitary screw, can be used for sanitary applications where the product can stick to the screw and present a high risk that need to be prevented. Screw blades are connected to the shaft using spokes to offer easier, better, and faster cleaning.
  • Wear-resistant deposition welded or coated mixing screw for processing abrasive powders.

Available options for the V-mixer are:

  • additional mixing screw to reduce the mixing time by 50%
  • pressure-resistant vessel allowing sterilization and drying processes
  • double wall vessels for heating and cooling during the process
  • large inspection hatch for better access for cleaning
  • lump breaker for breaking up agglomerates
  • liquid injection (to enrich the product)
  • dust ATEX version for use in ATEX Zoned (20 – 21 – 22) areas and possibly explosive products
  • gas ATEX version for use in ATEX Zoned (0 – 1 – 2) areas
  • hygienic design to prevent contamination during processing of, e.g., foodstuff


  • certified for manufacturing mixers with outstanding mixing quality and accuracy (> 1:100.000)
  • cost-effective mixing technology
  • low energy consumption (< 2 W/kg)
  • mixing installation that requires small floor area for installation
  • low maintenance costs
  • no product residue after discharging the mixer

Try one of our demonstration models before you buy. We offer you to test a stainless steel mixer with the capacity of 3, 50 or 150 liters. Please contact us to make an appointment for a test run.

If you would like to know more about the application of a conical mixer in your industry, please do not hesitate to contact our office for further information.

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